Care Coordination

Our care coordinators are the heart of our program and the relationship they build with our members is the key to what makes The Wesley at Home successful. Our care coordinators partner with our members in their aging journey and help maximize independence and choice no matter what changes may occur. Unlike traditional care management that is reactive, our care coordination is proactive and person-centered. Our process helps to build trust with members.

A Care Coordinator will meet with Members not less than quarterly and will be assigned to oversee the provision of services. They will develop a Care Plan with the Member and/or the Member’s Representative

The relationship between the care coordinator and the member allows for the care coordinator to help advocate for the wants, wishes, and needs of the member. Care Coordinators provide expert advice and guidance to members and their loved ones during their most difficult times. For some members who may not have family nearby or maybe a solo ager, their care coordinator may be the first call they make when something is wrong. Care coordinators may attend physician appointments to help ask important questions or take notes. They may also go to the hospital to make sure a member’s needs are being met and that there is a safe discharge plan. They work with family members and loved ones and keep the member’s best interests and wishes at the core of their work.

The care coordinator is the contact for all services provided through The Wesley at Home. All it takes is one call to your care coordinator to get access to services. Our members do not call a 1-800 number, they call, text, or email their personal care coordinator directly. We set up all the services that you may need on your behalf and oversee them for quality. The continuity and ease of access to our services is another unique feature of our program.

What's Included

At joining, we offer all members services to support their wellness and improve safety and supports in the home. Check out our initial services below.

A Care Coordinator will meet with Members not less than quarterly and will be assigned to oversee the provision of services. They will develop a Care Plan with the Member and/or the Member’s Representative

The Care Coordinator, in consultation with Member and/or Member’s Representative, will draft an individualized Care Plan based on the Member’s needs.

All Members will be offered and encouraged to use an Emergency Response system that provides 24-hour access to reach help in the event of a medical, physical, emotional, or environmental emergency.

A Home Safety Inspection is performed by an Occupational Therapist at program joining and every other year.

We provide access to a referral service for vetted home vendors and home maintenance contract reviews.

We will provide a 24/7 nurse telephone triage service that will provide each member up to 5 telephone triage calls annually for free.

If you are unable to drive or instructed by your physician not to drive, we will pay for transportation services.  This transportation will only be provided to and from a scheduled procedure that is a medically necessary outpatient surgery or short stay procedure, which may include, but is not limited to, cataract removal, chemotherapy treatment, and surgical biopsies.

Preferred Vendors for Long Term Care Services

Elizabeth Cooney Personnel Agency

Springwell Assisted Living

Broadmead Inc.

St. Elizabeth Rehab and Nursing Center

St Ann’s Adult Day Center

Carita’s House Assisted Living

Stella Maris Skilled Nursing Facility

Levindale Geriatric Center

Preferred Vendors for Long Term Care Services

When members meet a chronically ill level of care, our preferred vendors offer services ranging from home aides and meaningful adult day services to Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Communities. The Wesley at Home partners with quality local organizations to provide care and services to our members. We also have several other preferred vendors and facilities that we have vetted for quality. Services will be coordinated and costs will be paid by The Wesley at Home up to the maximum daily benefit amount contracted for by the member.

We have an exclusive opportunity for members to add Maryland Community for Life (SM) membership with Broadmead Inc. to their membership with The Wesley at Home. Adding Community for Life (SM) gives members monthly handyman and transportation services, plus access to Broadmead’s Center for Excellence in Health and Wellness which includes a fitness assessment and work-out plan, gymnasium, fitness classes, pool, and arts center.